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Name: Flip
Breed: Domestic Shorthair mix
Sex: Male
Color: Black/White
Age: 9 years
Size: Large
ID: A22700172


Are you searching for unconditional love and fulfillment? Do you want to help the community? Do you love animals and want to help orphaned puppies and kitties find forever, loving homes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are the perfect candidate for Humane Society Calumet Area's foster program!

Animals Who Need Your Help

HSCA fosters can make a direct impact in the life of a homeless pet. Animals in need of loving home care include:

  • orphaned puppies and kitties too young to live in the shelter
  • dogs and cats in need of socialization
  • dogs and cats with medical issues who need a safe, loving environment and extra special care

Supplies Provided

HSCA provides foster parents with food, medication, bedding, crates, bottles, and any other supplies they may need to care for their foster babies or shelter animals.

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Fostering is the essence of selfless love. These orphaned animals' lives depend on your adoration and care, so that one day they can have a family to call their own. With your help, deserving animals get a second chance while making our neighborhood a more humane community.

Click here to download an application and get started today!


Questions? Contact the volunteer coordinator at 219.922.3811 or